February, 2018 (7 ღონისძიება)

Bakuriani is preparing for international competition

On February 16-17, ski-ski competition will be held in Bakuriani under the auspices of International Ski Federation (FIS). Didveli tracks: "Nodo" and "Didveli 1" are already underway. The process is led by international specialists: Klaus Waldner from Austria - the head of the road; Besee Girlando from France - the road builder and FIS delegate German Reinhard Rudolf Krampfl .

Ski Cross is the Olympic discipline since 2010. It combines skiing and snowboarding. This species is specially arranged and is required to have a track mounted with obstacles. The tournament is meant for simultaneous participation of four athletes who have to spend about one kilometer in minimum time. The spectacular and interesting competition is spectacular and requires maximum concentration of sportsmen and extraordinary physical training. Bakuriani International competition will not leave anyone indifferent to sport lovers and resort guests.

Here are waiting athletes from Austria, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Kazakhstan, England and Australia. 4 Georgian skiers participate in the competition: Davit Tediashvili, Davit Gavia, Lasha Kurtanidze and Besik Chartolani.

 This competition is the first step for the 2023 World Cup to be held in Georgia. According to the Georgian Skiing Federation, the successful conduct of ski cross in Bakuriani, Georgia's way of opening the way for other applicant countries to get an honorable place.

The competition in Bakuriani will be held with the support of the Georgian Ski Federation, Mountain Resorts Development Company, Ministry of Economy and Sustainable Development and Company "Silknet".

სრულად 12 Feb

The live broadcast of the Olympic games on the Public TV is underway (February 9-25)

On February 9-25, the live broadcast of the Olympic Games is ongoing every day on the Public TV.

With the support of the Georgian Ski Federation, the company ,,Silknet,,, the Georgian National Olympic Committee and the Ministry of Sport and Youth Affairs, members of the Georgian alpine skiing team were abroad throughout the year and were preparing for the Olympics.

Two Georgian skiers will take part in the 2018 PyeongChang Olimpic Games. Nino Tsiklauri will participate in gigant slalom on February 12 and in slalom on February 14, Iason Abramashvili will participate on 18th and 22th of February.

Head of Georgian Ski Federation Administration, veteran skier Sopho Akhmeteli and journalists of th Public TV Giorgi Zurabishvili and Giorgi Tvalabeishvili will comment alpine skiing broadcast.

We wish our skiers good luck!

სრულად 11 Feb

The men downhill was postponed due to the strong wind

Today in PyeongChang the Men Daownhill was postponed due to strong winds. This competition will be held on February 15.

სრულად 11 Feb

The Olympic games opened in PyeongChang

XXIII Winter Olympics were opened in PyeongChang . The two-hour ceremony was observed by direct audience of about 200 countries and 35,000 people at the Olympic stadium. This stadium has been specially designed for opening and closing ceremonies for Olympic Games and Paralympics.

Figure skater Moris Kvitelashvili was bringing the Georgian flag. Our other Olympians - Nino Tsiklauri, Iason Abramashvili and Giorgi Soghoiani, as well as their coaches and head of the Olympic mission Mamuka Khabareli participated in the parade.

Speaking at the stadium, the official address of the PionChang-2018 Organizing Committee Lee Hibb and President of the International Olympic Committee Thomas Bach. Other rituals provided by the Olympic Charter were also performed before the parade of sports delegations, who passed in front of the tribunes in the corresponding order of the Korean alphabet.

According to tradition, the parade opened for the homeland of the Olympic Games - the Greeks. The delegation of 92 countries participates in the games, and Russian sportsmen are coming out with neutral Olympic Games ("Olympic athletes from Russia"), while South and North Korean athletes have come as one team on the parade, but only two of them are the most important part of the celebration.

The president of the Republic of South Korea has announced the 2018 winter XXIII Games. The Olympic fire was honored by Yu Kim, Champion of the Vancouver Olympic Games in Figure Skating.

სრულად 10 Feb

The flag of Georgia was erected in the PyeongChang Olympic Village

The main team of the Georgian Olympic delegation arrived at 17:00 local time in Seoul, South Korea. After passing the accreditation procedure, the Olympians: Nino Tsiklauri and Iason Abbramashvili together with their coaches: Walter Hubman and Francesco Zankolólo went to PyeongChang Olympic Village.

On February 8, at 11 o'clock local time, at the PueongChang Olympic Village, the flag of Georgia ceremony was held.

სრულად 8 Feb

Nino Tsiklauri and Iason Abbramashvili will go to the olympic games in PyeongChang

Today the Georgian Olympic Committee has arranged an official reception for Georgian Olympians.

On February 6, members of Georgian alpine ski team: Nino Tsiklauri and Iason Abbramashvili will go to PyeongChang together with their coaches.

The Olympic will officially open on February 9. Our athletes will participate in Slalom and Giant Slalom. Nino will participate on February 12 and 14, Iason Abbrashvili will participate on 18 and 22 February.

We wish good luck to our skiers!

სრულად 5 Feb

First stage of Georgian Freestyle and Snowboard Cup will be held in Gudauri on February 3-4

On February 3-4, the first stage of the Georgian Cup will be held in "Big Air" skiing and snowboard with the support of the Georgian Ski Federation and Sports and Youth Affairs in Gudauri.

On February 3, registration, official training and qualification will be held. The next day - the finals will be held on February 4.

See: @xparksgeo

სრულად 1 Feb
January, 2018 (5 ღონისძიება)

The first stage of the Georgian Alpine Skiing Cup of 2018 was held in Bakuriani on January 27-28

On January 27 and 28 Bakuriani hosted the first stage of the Georgian Alpine Skiing Cup of 2018.

Competition was held with the support of the Georgian Ski Federation, Ministry of Sports and Youth Affairs, General Sponsor company ,,Silknet“, company ,, Borjomi “and Mountain Resorts Development Company. It is worth mentioning that this competition was the most massive, 55 sportsmen participated in the competition. After the three-year pause, the Gudauri team joined Bakuriani, Svaneti and Adjara mountain skiers. This update is of great importance for development of mountain skiing sports in Georgia. It is also worth mentioning that each stage of the tournament is made up of a special film that is transmitted via the "SilkTV" sports channels and applies to the social network.

Slalom and giant slalom were held on the "Didveli" highway.

On the first day, sunshine weather helped organizers and athletes to start competitions in time. The organizers great effort and the good quality of the snow competing race competed successfully.

The girls and boys participating in the competition traditionally participated in three age categories. 2004-2005 y. Mari Chogadze (Adjara)  and Luka Buchukuri (Gudauri) won.  2002-2003 y. Nino Kurtanidze (Bakuriani) and Aleko Japaridze (Svaneti) were the winners.  In the older age Tamar Barbariani (Bakuriani) and Beso Japaridze (Svaneti) were champions.

On the next day, the giant slalom started an hour late due to the strong wind. When the competition was begining, the sun set out and winded. 2004-2005 y. Mari Chogadze (Adjara) and Mikheil Chartolani (Svaneti) became champions. 2002-2003 y. again Nino Kurtanidze (Bakuriani) won and among the boys Nodar Kozanashvili (Bakuriani) became champion.  In the older age Kato Gotsiridze (Tbilisi) and Beso Japaridze (Svaneti) won.

At the end of the competitions sportsmen were awarded.

The next stage of the Georgian Alpine Skiing  Cup of  2018 will be held in Mestia on March 2-3.

See full results www.gsf.ge

სრულად 29 Jan

The first stage of the Georgian 2017-2018 alpine ski cup tournament will be held in Bakuriani on January 27-28

On January 27 and 28 Bakuriani will host the first stage of the 2017-2018 Georgian Alpine Ski Cup. Mountainous skiing sports is the largest championship Georgian Ski Federation, Sports and Youth Affairs, General Sponsor company ,,Silknet,,, Company ,,Borjomi,, and mountain resort development company will be held.

Ladies and Men participating in the competition will compete in three age categories.

          Children I, year of birth2004-2005

          Children II, year of birth 2002-2003

          Adults and juniors,  year of birth 2001 and older age.

Slalom and giant slalom will be held on the ,,didveli,, and ,,mitarbi,,  courss.

At the end of the competition, athletes will be awarded with ceremonial events.

After the three-year pause, the Gudauri team joined Bakuriani, Svaneti and Adjara mountain skiers. This update is of great importance for the development of mountain ski sports in Georgia. It is also worth mentioning that each stage of the Cup of Georgia will be prepared on a special film, which will be broadcasted through the "SilkTV" sports channels and will be distributed in the social network.

For more information visit www.gsf.ge

facebook: Georgan Ski Federation

Contact person: Eka Gabashvili - +995 577 500 158

სრულად 24 Jan

On January 21th " World Snow Day" was celebrated

         The ,,World Snow Day,, is celebrated for the seventh year by the International Ski Federation. This holiday is becoming larger every year. It is noteworthy that "World Snow Day" is a national holiday found in such well-known countries as Austria, Canada, France, Iceland, Norway, Poland and Sweden.

        This festival is celebrated annually in Georgia by the initiative of the Georgian Ski Federation. This year was marked by the highest scope. About 800 people participated in the " World Snow Day" event in Georgia.

       On January 21th  with the support of the ,,Silknet,, company, mountain resorts development company, Ministry of Sport and Youth Affairs of Georgia organized by the Georgian Ski Federation, this year the developer "Redco" company and the Association of Bakuriani mountain clubs have been added to the list of supporters, children, their parents and visitors Mountain Resort:  The ,,World Snow Day,, celebrated in Gudauri, Bakuriani, Mestia and Goderdzi Pass.

       All the entertainment activities of children were held on every mountain resort of Georgia, as well as the entertainment competitions in which children was participated.

       The Georgian Ski Federation has held an entertainment event with the ,,Silknet,, Company, Mountain Resorts Development Company, Ministry of Sports and Youth Affairs and company "Redco" in Gudauri, near the Gondola.

       An entertaining competition between 4 to 14 years was held. In the event, all the participants took part: Culinary School ,,Caramel ", ,,Basti Bubu" singer children and group of animators ,,entertainment bus".

      The children compete in a cheerful and friendly atmosphere. Children's banners (arches) were placed instead of competing on the track. The children were specially named " World Snow Day" start numbers and they were awarded with the logo " World Snow Day" T shorts and Specially for this day, the diplomas have been thanked for participation. Also, everyone watched memorable photos with ,,Gifi's,, apparatus. "Snow Park" was held in Freestyle Show.

         On the same day Bakuriani mountain clubs association together with the ski federation of Georgia hosted children "Joyland", where various entertaining events were held where up to 300 children from all ski schools of Bakuriani took part. About 200 adults gathered from mountainous Adjara on Goderdzi Pass this day.

         On the Goderdzi Pass, the " World Snow Day" was celebrated by the Ajarian ski federation. About 200 adults gathered from mountainous Adjara on Goderdzi Pass this day.

          The ,,World Snow Day,, becoming more and more popular in Georgia from year to year.


სრულად 23 Jan

Georgian alpine skiers have succeeded

On January 15-16, Hungarian Championship was held under the auspices of the international ski federation in Austrian resort St. Lambert, where members of Georgian ski team participated. Two giant slaloms, super g. and alpine combined were held.

On January 15th Aleksi Beniaidze took the third and fourth places in the gigant slalom, and in fifth in alpine combined, He also improved the world rating in the giant slalom. Soso Japaridze took the eighth place.

Today in Zagreb (Croatia) Iason Abramsamili took the second place in Slalom and improved the rating. Soso Japaridze went to the fifth and fourth places.

We congratulate Georgian skiers on success!

სრულად 16 Jan

Members of Georgian alpine ski team went to Austria

Today members of Georgian alpine ski team: Nino Tsiklauri, Iason Abramashvili, Aleksi Beniaidze, Soso Japaridze and coach - Ibro Janidze went to Austria.

Nino will train with her coach Nicola Paulon's team and will take part in competitions, and the men will train under the supervision of Austrian coach Walter Hubmann for a few days and then will take part in the Fis races, they will try to improve the world rating.

One month until  Olimpic games. Nino Tsiklauri and Iason Abramashvili have obtained the license. During this month, Aleksi and Soso also see the right to go to the Olympics.

We wish them success!

სრულად 8 Jan